Thursday, June 18, 2009

Corporate Support of Employee Cycling Evidenced By Installation of New Bike Parking Racks

Union Pacific Railroad appears to support transportation and fitness cycling by its employees. At least that's how it appears as they installed two new bicycle racks on its property Wednesday, bringing the total number of racks to five. When the Union Pacific Center first opened in 2004, only two racks were provided. A third was added later.

As interest in commuting cycling has increased, the racks at the Union Pacific Center in Omaha, Nebraska have been overflowing with bicycles. Still others bring their bikes to work on the city bus or by private car and exercise over their lunch hours.

Each rack can hold eight or nine bikes, making the total capacity approximately 40 to 45 bikes. The new racks are not covered, so there is an incentive to arrive early and get the best spot, but now employees can't use lack of bike parking as an excuse not to ride to work.

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