Monday, June 8, 2009

Spring "Crank and Camp"

Two weeks ago, several members of the BikeOmaha "staff" and a few community members gathered to take a ride on the Wabash. Due to scheduling and weather issues, no camping was done, but plenty of cranking was.

To start the ride off I(in green) met up with Mike Munson(in yellow). Then Scott and Roxanne(on the left) met us at the Blue Line. From there we rode over the pedestrian bridge and along the Council Bluffs trail system to the Wabash trail head. That's where we met up with Rafal(in black) and Phil(in blue). From there we started our ride on the Wabash. Mike, Scott, Roxanne, and Rafal were only joining Phil and I for the start of the ride. All four of them had other commitments that day. Mike, Scott, and Roxanne pealed off after about 1 or 2 miles on the Wabash. Rafal turned around at Margarita-ville when a small rain squall blew across the trail (he got soaked riding back WITH the rain). Phil and I pushed on and got through the rain after a few minutes of riding.

More details and pictures can be found at Scott's Blog, and my personal blog.

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