Saturday, October 31, 2009


Last minute info, but a very important opportunity:

A fellow cyclist (Ben B. ... he also works at Bike Rack, and he has given his OK for me to share this.) will be appearing in court on Monday at 9:30am. He was involved in an incident that resulted in a motorist being charged with harassment and physical assault.

The incident happened near 50th & Leavenworth back on Memorial Day. Ben was riding on 50th and trying to avoid the "door zone," as there were many parallel parked cars along the street from people visiting the cemetary there. The motorist apparently took exception with being forced to slow down and unable to pass and it digressed from there.

A blessing in disguise, the scene caused enough commotion that several cemetary visitors began wondering what was going on and came over to investigate. Someone wrote down the license plate of the car and there will be people from that day appearing as witnesses on his behalf. Ben stated that he has been very impressed with the OPD and the help he has been given.

Ben is not sure yet on the specifics other than Monday at 9:30am at the Douglas County Courthouse. Hopefully we will find out exactly where the hearing will be. It would be great if we could get some fellow cyclists to attend and respectfully show their support.

I will post here if I get that info. Please feel free to pass this along!


Sean said...

Good luck. I don't think that I will be able to show.

Roco101 said...


I am working on campaign to make wooden trail bridges at Lake Zorinski safer. I know many bikers who have been seriously injured on the wooden bridges. (The bridges can be dangerously slick from dew or after a rain and you can't tell they are slick.)

If you or someone you know has crashed on the wooden bridges at Lake Z., please email me at (If you wish to remain anonymous, your name will never be used pubically.) I'd like to know the date and location of the crash and the nature of your injuries.

To date, bikers have suffered broken hips and arms, skull fractures, and shoulder separations.

I'm also seeking suggestions for other places to post this message. Any suggestions?

West O.