Friday, October 30, 2009

Something to Ponder

@ScottRedd posted a link on his Twitter today that is worth checking out. @omahamandy basically says that her view of cyclists on the streets changed after she took the time to get to know some of them personally.

As I responded to her, one of the nice little bi-products of the BOCC is that all of the people that know you as a co-worker now also know you personally as a cyclist...and they (hopefully) realize that you are just a regular person without evil intentions of ruining the world as they know it.

So... as we move forward with advocacy, how do we promote this "I'm a Cyclist" concept?

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Scott Redd said...


Be seen on the bike, on the streets.

Shrug off comments like, "That must be hard," and "You're hard core." Choosing to commute by bike is just choosing another way to get to work.

Even if you're taking a bus, bring the bike along as a conversation starter. If the bus breaks down, you've got backup transportation.