Thursday, December 3, 2009

Same Song, Second Verse...

I had to chuckle at this blog post on today. It's about a runner who "apparently reacted poorly when some Portsmouth drivers heckled him and/or local cops tailed him during one run and told him, essentially, to "get off the road."
You'll get a kick out of the quotes from the disgruntled motorists who commented on the newspaper's story. Remove "runners" and insert "cyclists" and see if any of this sounds familiar?!
I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find an article about disgruntled boaters complaining about open water swimmers - might as well make it the triathlon.
It just goes to show that we all have to stick together in the "Share the Road" message -- whether we ride, run or swim (or other!) on/in places we have to share with motor-powered vehicles.

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The Douglas said...

This was my favorite: "this guy is like most of the hollow-eyed obsessive exercise narcisists running the roads of America; running out some deep, dark trauma and pain, traffic be damned."

You gotta love motorists.