Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lots of Losers!

If anybody reading this blog thinks that they could never be like the cyclists they see out on the roads everyday because they are overweight and/or out of shape, take heart. I'd bet that if we took a roll call of dedicated Omaha cyclists that have not been lifelong members of the "Super Fit" club, we would all be surprised at the numbers.

I can now think of at least 5 people off the top of my head that have shared stories with me about how they were overweight and out of shape when they turned to their bicycle ... and how bike commuting and recreational riding transformed their bodies and their lives. I'm sure if I thought about it harder, I could come up with many more. (See, I just thought of another one! Make that 6!) Who knew we had so many losers in this crowd?? ;)

I think there is power in this message, and I think it is one that we should find a way to share, especially during Bike Month this May. Cycling can be an intimidating prospect for folks, and if they only knew how many of you started out in their shoes, maybe we could win over a few more people that may be wishing they could find a way to join the movement.

Let's never forget Mr. Anonymous comment poster from the OWH story about Ben's road rage encounter: "When I see the bikers on the street, my first reaction is 'Get off the road!' but my second reaction is 'Man, I'm jealous.'"

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