Thursday, March 18, 2010

DOT Puts Bike, Pedestrian Projects on Par with Roads, Transit

Here's a happy bit of news from the Department of Transportation that's getting circulated around Omaha's planning department:

"The Obama administration officially announced a "complete streets" policy today that puts bicycle and pedestrian projects on equal footing with road and transit work.

"Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has previously hyped the need for transportation planners to incorporate sidewalks and bike facilities into their transportation planning, but today's policy statement officially puts that stance on the books."

Follow the link below for the whole story from Mass Transit Magazine:

or straight from the DOT:


dale said...

At first I thought you were talking about Omaha DOT!

I think Leavenworth on a lane diet with complete street design would be a good sign Omaha DOT is on the same page.

Biker Bob said...

I had a chance to talk to Marty today. He is 100% sure that the first phase of the Leavenworth bike treatment for the "BikeOmaha" network will NOT include a lane diet or full bike lanes. As the plan stands right now, it will be sharrows both ways between 7th (I think it starts at 7th) and 60th, with an Off-Leavenworth "OPTION" from 50th to 55th going West. Marty agreed that 50th to 55th West bound could also have sharrows on Leavenworth as well as the off-Leavenworth route. That way it doesn't look like cyclists are "required" to exit Leavenworth when climbing that hill.

Omaha Bikes did suggest a lane diet and full bike lanes along Leavenworth during the Mayor's Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee meeting this morning. The response was not encouraging. A lane diet and full bike lanes may be an option in the future. There is more support for a lane diet and bike lanes than one might think, but the decision makers do not currently have the backing or supporting data to make such a risky decision.

Omaha Bikes will continue to push for more substantial infrastructure changes to better support transportation cycling in Omaha. A substantial East<->West corridor will remain high on our list of suggested additions.