Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Making changes from the top

Just about any advocate can tell you, that one of the most difficult things about trying to change a system, is that the people that can make that change are often not listening to you. That doesn't mean they wont listen, but until the "squeaky wheel" get's loud enough to become annoying, it can be hard to get their attention.

Last week was the National Bike Summit. You can see that Omaha Bikes was pretty busy posting last week as a result. The general feeling I get from the coverage of the summit, is that the "squeaky wheel" is starting to get some attention. In fact, even the people at the top are starting to take notice and listen to the army of advocates in the US that have been pushing for a more balanced transportation system for so many years.

Looks like somebody is listening and there may an “end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of non-motorized” in sight.  Now it's your turn to make some noise.

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