Monday, March 22, 2010

OmahaBikes March meeting minutes

Omaha Bikes
Monthly Meeting, March 9, 2010
First Data, 11:10am to 1:05 pm.
Present: Joe Simoens, Ben Brounlow, Sarah Johnson, Pete Lieben, Chris
Wolfe, Mark Siepker, Bob Brindamour, Ananth Nagarajan
Via teleconference: Scott Redd, Kevin S, Chris S, Dave D, Steve H,
Dale R, Julie Harris
Action Items:
Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 13, 11am at Courtyard Marriott Hotel on S. 67th in Aksarben Village.
> Mark to set up meeting with Lisa re. UBF / Stinson Park use.
> Tammie to organize meeting of the Mayor's Ride committee.
> Next social event: May 21st at Rick's Boatyard
> Kassie (sp?) to set up meeting with Sarah, Stuart, and Kevin for Bike
> Friendly Merchants.
> Dale (and Ryan?) to craft a letter in support of Leavenworth lane diet.
> Discussion:
> Review of mission statement and logo. Send comments and suggestions to Bob.
> Introductions - "what is Omaha Bikes to you?"
> Activate Omaha is representing in DC at the Bike Summit. They will be
> meeting with elected officials.
> Sarah is interested in helping with Bicycle Friendly Merchants and
> Stuart and Kevin will help. Stuart is planning to host a Bicycle
> Friendly Business application workshop in April at RDG.
> World Environment Day - Alternative Transit Week is May 2 - 8. Talk to
> Sarah with ideas.
> Bike Parking update: first rack is installed and the city if moving
> forward with the additional identified locations.
> Scott is making progress with the website. A graphic designer is
> needed to 'finish' the look.
> Bike Pedestrian Committee update: Still seeking a Bike Pedestrian
> Coordinator. Upcoming rides include OWL and a route along Farnam from
> Turner Park to Memorial Park.
> THOR / IMBA is installing singletrack in Adams Park on April 10. Sign
> up to help by March 19. Contact Dale.
> Urban Bike Festival: We reviewed concept paper for the event. All
> agreed to plan a smaller social event in lieu of a large event. This
> could be a handlbar happyhour event. All agreed that the festival is a
> good idea and planning should commence for a 2011 festival. Contact
> Mark if interested in meeting with Lisa to discuss opportunities at
> Stinson Park.
> Organizations priorities were discussed. Some priorities identified
> included building a coalition, establishing our voice as an advocate
> for cyclist rights, and working to connect with our target audience.
> All suggested the E-W bike route to Elmwood be routed along
> Leavenworth and NOT just along the back alley route.
> Bob will work to create 'before-and-after' videos of bicycle
> facilities currently planned.


munsoned said...

Thank you guys for trying to fight for real E-W bike lanes on Leavenworth.

This morning, 2 other bike commuters and I were on Leavenworth riding Eastbound within a block of each other. This was at 8:30am and all 8(sarcasm) cars that passed us didn't seem to mind using one lane.

Biker Bob said...

Yeah... maybe we should do our own traffic study on Leavenworth. Better yet, get the city to shut down one of the lanes for a couple weeks to see how it affects traffic on Leavenworth and nearby arterials.