Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another cycling visitor!

Meet Jesse Steiner, the latest cross-country riding cyclist to arrive in Omaha and find his way to connect to our cycling community.

Jesse started his journey in Montreal and is riding in the direction of Argentina, or until the money and motivation runs out...whichever comes first. He was sitting on the steps at the Community Bike Shop tonight as Ananth (who I ran into at Cali Taco just before this) was arrived to open the shop.

Jesse is not only enjoying his awesome adventure, he has started seeking out community bike shops along the way where he can stop and lend some volunteer time.

At any rate, he is flying back to New York for a good friend's wedding soon, but will be returning to Omaha in a week or so to continue the adventure. We decided that this would be the perfect opportunity for a Handlebar Happy Hour - beer, cyclists, OmahaBikes hospitality. We'll try to reconnect when he gets back, in the mean time, tentatively mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 18 for the shindig.

You can read more about Jesse and his cool adventure on his blog:

and follow him on twitter @jessesteiner.

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