Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sweaty clothes welcome here!

Sarah J over at GIRL COMMUTE just posted an article about the kick off of the Omaha Bikes "Bike Friendly Business" campaign.

...As soon as I left the meeting, I pedaled back over to Jones Bros and gave the decal to Bill who agreed to put it on the front door and offer 10% off to anyone arriving to his fine establishment by bicycle. Enjoy their huge patio, nearby bike rack, and fun atmosphere. Success!!!!!  Sweet, cupcakey success.  
With a little wind in my sails, and caffeine in my legs, I pedaled down to Wohlner's Grocer and asked to speak to the manager.  I had the same conversation and the same response, "Sure, that sounds like a cool idea."  2 door decals later, Wohlner's is officially bike friendly.  
Since I felt that I was on a roll (literally and figuratively), I stopped into Blue Planet Natural Grill and had yet another promising discussion.  Blue Planet now has an Omaha Bikes door decal that nicely compliments their bike rack, outdoor seating, and a good attitude!  They're extending a 10% discount as well to those hungry customers who pedal their way to a naturally delicious meal (or beer! I hear handlebar happy hour?).  Thanks Blue Planet!!
Three new Bike Friendly Businesses in one day.  Way to go Sarah.

If you know of businesses around Omaha that go out of their way to make cyclists feel welcome, let us know.  We will swing by and check them out.  If they pass muster (hey... we are easy to please), we will give them a sticker for the door and let you know about it here on Omaha Bikes.  In the near future we will have a "Bike Friendly Business" tab at the top of our blog where you will be able to find a map with all the great bike friendly places to roll on down to, so stay tuned.

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