Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bicycle Friendly Destinations

Omaha Bikes is excited to present a new project that will give you yet another fabulous reason to ride your bike: the "Bicycle Friendly Destination" Network.  The concept is simple: ride your bike and be rewarded.  So, we've been harassing local businesses and encouraging them to support the cycling community in Omaha and the response has been an overwhelming "Yes!"  There really are no hard and fast rules to how they support cycling; the only issue we're really pushing for is bike parking, and the rest is up to them.  Slowly but surely our "Bicycle Friendly Destination" decals are popping up around town on the doors of businesses that want to show their support for people getting around on bikes.  Whether they have outdoor seating, free air (for your tires silly), discounts, or have just agreed not to laugh at helmet hair and Lycra, these businesses are partnering with Omaha Bikes to get more folks out riding and we love them for it.

Check out the "Bicycle Friendly Destinations" tab above for all the details and a map of all the current destinations.

We would also like to give a special thank you to the destinations that helped us get the program started.

  • Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture
  • Barley's
  • Blue Line Coffee
  • Blue Line Coffee
  • Blue Planet Natural Grill
  • Caffeine Dreams
  • Crane Coffee
  • Daily Grub
  • Greenstreet Cycles
  • Jane's Health Market
  • Jones Bros Cupcakes
  • Patrick's Market
  • Slowdown
  • Wohlner's Grocery

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