Friday, July 24, 2009

20 Mile Bike Loop Map!!!

OK, hopefully this works. (Click on the image to see a better version.)
Here is a great new map that we just received at our office showing all of the routes for the upcoming 20 mile bike loop.
Those of you who have noticed the street resurfacing currently being done on 16th street might want to make note of the "Doorly Route." Bike lanes coming soon!!


Scott Redd said...

Hey, this is great news! An updated map, and real lanes on real streets, all in the same day.

I've already seen some Twitter chatter from folks who have been the first to ride the new lanes on 16th between Capitol and Cuming.

GetActive said...

Activate Omaha, its partners, and the City of Omaha have said they hope to have the Benson Route painted and striped by November 2009!! If all goes as planned, the Bike Omaha loop will come together over the next 12-16 months!

Scott Redd said...

Here's a real digital PDF copy of the Bike Omaha route map as provided by RDG Planning and Design, and Activate Omaha.