Thursday, October 15, 2009

Freiker, Bike Blender and Pedaling Revolution Updates!

A few updates and vibe requests today!

First, please start getting the good vibes going for Freiker. The draft Safe Routes to School grant application went in the mail today; the money would fund Freiker programs at 3 Omaha elementary schools. We still have a few more steps to go through for this grant process, but as they say, "vote early and often" - this applies to good vibes as well!

Second, a bike blender update. What a hoot last night at the Community Bike Shop! It was like mad scientists at work down there with those blenders. Forget the plans we found on the web - these guys are doing it their own way! In fact, we now have 2 different (original) blender plans under development. Special thanks to Duane Miller and Stuart Shell, our chief engineers; thanks, too, to Scott Redd and his adorable daughter Emily for coming down to help. Scott took posession of my camera and proceeded to work his usual photography magic (much to the chagrin of Emily, I might add). Photos coming soon, Scott! I promise! Our next work session will be Wednesday, 10/21 at 6pm at the CBSO. Cali Tacos at 5:30, anyone?

Lastly, I'm thrilled to report that the first thing I noticed when I walked into the Mayor's Bike/Ped Advisory Committee meeting this morning was a copy of our new favorite book, Pedaling Revolution sitting on the table in front of one of the attendees. I was equally as thrilled to report about the Bike Omaha Advisory Team and informed the group that they are practically ready to dig into their own pockets to make sure that everyone around that table has a copy. The committee definitely sees our BOAT peeps as being critical to the mission of the work they are doing. Great job BOATers and keep up the great work!

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Steve said...

My sister recently bought me that book, but unfortunately it's just been collecting dust on the shelf. I'll have to get to it soon if you all like it so much.