Wednesday, August 3, 2011

State Fair Gets Bike Friendly!

Check out this column that was recently published in the Grand Island Independent about a man who is organizing bike valet parking at the Nebraska State Fair!  Thanks to my favorite Auntie in Grand Island for sending this to me. (And yes, Auntie Lois, I will visit soon. Loveyoumeanit.)

The organizer, Buzz Douthit, is quoted, saying: "We're in unknown territory.  I could have 50 bikes.  I could have 500.  Everybody I talk to thinks it's a good idea." 

Sound familiar??  I think a variation of those exact words came out of our mouths every time we were asked about Bike to the Ballpark. 

Our family visits Auntie Lois and Uncle Bob in G.I. quite frequently, and our vehicle is usually loaded down with bikes when we go.  We actually rode as a family to the State Fair last summer, via the side streets and the paved bike path ... and then had to lock them up to the fence just outside the entry.   We're looking forward to better treatment this year!   If you or folks you know are headed to the State Fair, encourage them to ride as well - let's support Buzz and his bike friendly efforts!!

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