Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bike Friendly Business Awards

WOW! The press release from the League of American Bicyclists has just been released, and we are thrilled with the number of Omaha-area businesses that have been awarded a Bike Friendly Business designation!

Omaha businesses joining previously awarded RDG Planning and Design (silver) as Bike Friendly:

Activate Omaha (silver)
Alley Poyner Macchieto Architecture (bronze)
Bike Masters (bronze)
Bike Rack (bronze)
Carlson Hospitality Worldwide (bronze)
PayPal (bronze...also mentioned specifically in the press release!!)
Union Pacific (Honorable Mention ... For the record, we know that UP is quite bike friendly, and we are baffled as to why the HM rather than bronze!)

Congrats to all!! We will proudly represent all of you at the National Bike Summit luncheon on Wednesday when the awards are handed out!

We know that there are MANY more businesses and organizations in Omaha that would be worthy of this recognition. OmahaBikes will be sponsoring a seminar during Bike Month (May)on how to apply for BFB designation. Let's get more names on that list next fall!!

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